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A “tool” is a device that aids in the accomplishment of a task. I have compiled more than a dozen multi-sensory tools that assist the individual in engagement to a greater understanding of who they are. Exploration of these tools will increase perspective; shed light on what obstacles we create on our journey and exercises that offer clarity to connect to our life purpose. Each tool is premised by a provocative question or statement in order to stretch your present point of view. By wedging wider our perspective we can allow more room for opportunity and by increasing our level of communication skills and coping ability we are in a state of acceptance to seize that opportunity.

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Pretending to be someone you’re not?

        Sometimes it’s more than the suit that is an uncomfortable fit. When are not living within our core belief system, we are incongruent with our true self and uncomfortable in our own skin. Just like nature’s stresses against misaligned bricks in a foundation, things start slipping through the cracks and inevitably crumble down around us.
Misalignment in life occurs when we make choices based on false assumptions and misunderstandings. We begin to loop in a cycle of un-resourceful behaviors degrading our focus of intention and loosing our connection to purpose. How Authentic is your life?
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 What’s “driving” you?
        Our emotional drivers determine our reaction intensity. This intensity is metered by what vehicle we choose to steer through it. We navigate change with a baby carriage, a motorcycle or a car.
        A baby carriage permits that needy child in us to make decisions, without regard to consequences. An impulsive child would run into traffic jumping to catch a balloon that is clearly out of reach. They want what they want and they want it now. They yearn for immediate satisfaction.
        The motorcycle gives license to our rebellious teenager to lead us. The teenager is reluctant to take responsibility, frequently blames others and spends more time wondering what people think instead of evaluating what they themselves know. The teenager has a limited concept of time, is quick to make absolute statements like “forever, always, never,” and lives in high drama, for example, “I’ll die if that happens.” 
        The car gives the mature, clear-thinking adult the authority to move forward. The adult is patient, looks both ways, knows when to break and has room to take along passengers.
        Authentic Change can assess what is “driving” your reaction and shift your emotional thinking toward optimal performance! See if it’s time for a tune up!
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Are you a Rock, a Paper, or a Scissors?
         We all have a primary method of taking in and sending out information; we term that our sensory style. The primary sensory styles are kinesthetic (rock), visual (paper) and auditory (scissors). The kinesthetic or rock communicator anchors his information with a feeling. The visual or paper communicator organizes information with pictures. The auditory or scissors communicator channels information with sounds or words. Awareness of our dominant sensory system allows us the opportunity to strengthen the secondary styles that are not as well developed. The effective communicator must have a flexible approach to sensory styles to create a higher level of clarity in communicating. Are you a Rock, a Paper or a Scissors? 

 Can you Feel the Rain? 

“Rain” if used as a verb means "something that comes in large quantities, abundance, a lot of". Gratitude more easily appears when we stretch our senses to see the invisible, hear the silence, and feel a balance. “Not until you can value and respect the magnificent detail of the leaf, can you truly appreciate and understand the grandeur and benevolence of the great forest.”  uncovery© 2014 Kelly Rippon
What details are you ignoring in your life that is prohibiting you from seeing the big picture? Feel the Rain, increase your awareness and gain some perspective!  
Watch this Free Movie.

Is that monkey on your back
   a good listener?  

Listening is an art. Hearing is a function. When we receive auditory messages we shift from listening to hearing
as our own filters, perspective and presuppositions, process the information.  Are you hearing or listening?
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 Champions start smart and finish strong!
Peak performance not only requires “training” it requires “braining”. What is your strategy? How clear is your pathway to success?
Take our free Pathway to Victory Clearance Test.

Are your “needs” pulling you down?
“Needs” are things people require to sustain life, “wants” are things people would like to have in their life.  Our lives become more manageable and balanced once we discern our wants from our needs. Take a peek while Dr. Needs and Dr. Wants review the romantic words of Bonnie Raitt.
Watch this Free Movie.

Are you a time traveler?   
Have you have ever regretted your actions of the past or feared possible events of the future? If yes, (by the way, we all have) then you have picked up your ticket and time traveled.
Have you ever heard the expression, “they were in the right place at the right time?”  By creating time alignment in your thinking, that experience can be true for you too! The direction of your thinking affects your success. If you are looking backward or forward, what is exactly in front of you escapes your vision. Without seeing it, you do not even know that it is there or even a possibility. How many opportunities have you missed because your mind wandered off the present moment? 
Take our free Time Traveler Test.

What are you attracting?  
Are we “energy magnets?” Do we create or destroy opportunity with our thoughts?
It is possible by widening your perspective and living an abundant life you will inspire yourself with a compelling future. Everyday we are presented a choice before we act; Create or Destroy? Through practice we can better identify these millisecond pauses of opportunity that can have a life long effect. It has been said that your life can change in that of a moment. We believe that if we are capable of thinking upwards of 60,000 thoughts in a day, it would be prudent to theorize that our lives can change in that of a millisecond.  The choice is yours; see the level of positive energy you are attracting. 
Take our free Attraction Test.

How clear is the water in your cooler?
When a contractor builds a house he/she routinely inspects the quality and progress of the sub-contractors. In doing so the contractor has a clearer vision of the project at hand. He/she can identify weakness and better manage the outcome. When was the last time you inspected your business? You cannot move foreword without direction. Find out where your business is pointed.
Take our Business Clarity Test.

  Have you fed your UNICORN today?
A Unicorn is a mythical creature with the body and head of a horse, the hind legs of a stag, the tail of a lion, and a single horn in the middle of its forehead. Interesting, yes? But complete fantasy, a unicorn is not real. 
When we feed something we help nourish and sustain it in an attempt to help it flourish and grow stronger.
When we feed our UNICORN, we are attempting to cultivate and support something that does not exist. We are guilty of feeding our unicorn when we succumb to fear. Fear is an often paralyzing emotion marked by dread, panic, trepidation, about an anticipated experience. Simply, we are afraid of something that has not yet happened. The more energy we expend on fear based thinking the fatter our UNICORN becomes.
Check to see if you fed your UNICORN today.
Take the UNICORN Test.

What are your ingredients to quality parenting?
Sugar, spice and everything nice! We can enlighten our understanding of those ingredients by exploring their basic definition.
Sugar: a necessary dietary carbohydrate, that gives energy; when in its purest state, it is colorless or white; it tends to brown when less refined. 
Spice: to season or flavor, to add zest
Everything nice: respectable, acceptable, and punctilious, in a comfortable and positive state.
We can assist you in assembling the ingredients to quality parenting that delivers energy, zest and grows in a positive state. It has been said that we often cannot change the way things begin, but we can transform the way they end. That may be true in most situations however, in parenting; we have a direct influence on how things begin. Yes, means yes and No means no, was the most powerful advice I ever received as a parent. Living a consistent and authentic life is paramount for quality parenting. How do your ingredients measure?
Take our free Parenting Test.

  Where does your pig live?
Once upon a time, in a land not so far from where you are presently breathing lived three little pigs. As in all our lives, it came time for those venturous little pigs to move from their parent’s pen and build a life and home for themselves. The first little pig was impatient. He often said, “Time is money,” “it’s a quick fix,” and hurriedly constructed his house of straw. The second little pig gave more thought to his structure and believed that twigs would be a better choice, and “good enough” for “most” situations. You see, he lacked the consequential foresight of the task, and did not possess the confidence in his ability to complete complex undertakings. However, the third little pig, he knew what he wanted, not just for today, but, for tomorrow as well. He painstakingly gathered strong and stackable stones that fit together seamlessly and impeccably as a carefully planned puzzle. The stones exemplified the strength and solidness of their contractor.  The third pig was courageous and uncomplaining as he spent many cold nights in a tent until his meticulously aligned structure was completed. We know how this story ends; the first two pigs meet disaster, through a strong wind of life and find safety, security and protection in the stone house of the third pig. Is your home and foundation in life solid as a rock? Where does your pig live?
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  Time to empty those “emotional bags” ?
Our emotional baggage is unresolved, un-forgiven, underappreciated events and experiences of our past. It makes our journey heavy and harder, as we try and move forward. It is a lighter more comfortable journey if we empty our bags, and gain perspective through present day eyes. We cannot grasp opportunity if our hands are full. Weigh in and check out how much you’re carrying!


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