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     Even the most  excellent of balls cannot bounce in the sand. 

… Interested in optimizing   
                                     your performance?


Most sports performance specialists talk about the necessity of the “ZONE”. A “zone” is a pure state of focus
where there is supreme confidence of your intention.

At Authentic Change we believe an athlete must experience the metaphoric music of “zone living” before can they
turn up the volume on optimizing the zone.

What is Authentic Zone Living?
AZ living is an organized prioritized life that is congruent with success. Some performance programs encourage “control” in a training or competitive environment.  At Authentic Change we teach athletes Coping, Cooperation and Confidence skills.

A successful sailor does not try and control the wind. He/she cooperates with its mighty force and uses his/her confidence of knowledge to propel her/him in the intended direction and has the ability to cope with the resulting change.

Our Sports Philosophy promotes the idea that a true Champion is not left on the field, in the rink, or on the course, they continue to live beyond the sport. Authentic Zone living creates Life Champions, not merely athletic champions.

We tell our clients “Dream it, Believe it, Become it!”

One cannot become until they first believe and authentic belief requires evidence. We help you to reveal that evidence and allow it to support your dream so that you can become. As behavior management and language specialists we can assess your current patterns and habits and identify the temptations that lead to missteps and assist you in mapping out a course toward success.

Are you interested in?
   • Improving your performance
   • Aligning your priorities
   • Mapping out a “believable” course for your goals
   • Lowering stress in your life and sport
   • Having greater coping skills and utilizing the competitive jitters
   • Gaining a superior level of confidence and focus
   • Motivating and Trusting your power within
   • Improving communication with partner, team, coach or sponsor

We can help you move from dreaming to Authentically Becoming!
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We offer one to one coaching sessions in person, via phone or video conference. We offer sport specific, individually tailored programs in all athletic areas for the solo or team athlete, coach and parent/sponsor. We also offer Support Group tele-classes throughout the year. Click here to view schedule.

Authentic Zone Living
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Get in the game!

Clear your obstacles!

Make contact!

Apply a focused strategy!

Land Success!