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            A strong spirit can lift the most tired of bodies.
      … Has your spirit been to the gym lately?

        When an individual complains of being out of shape we
        generally ask:
            • What does your diet look like or what are you eating?
            • Are you getting exercise?
            • Are you getting plenty of rest?

      One could ask the same questions of the tired spirit.

        • What are you feeding your soul?
            o Are you consuming gossip, dishing out assumptive thinking or thinking about dessert while life’s main
               course is in front of you?

        • Are you exercising your gift of life?
            o Do you more often see the glass half empty and focus on what is missing in your life?
            o When was the last time you anonymously gave assistance without waiting for a thank you or credit?

        • Are you taking time to rest your mind and recharge your soul?
            o Is your self talk negative, “I’m so careless, stupid, lazy, etc.”
            o Or, is your self talk Absolutely Negative, “I’ll never, he won’t, it always, etc.”
            o Do you lack a combination of quiet moments in your day on a regular basis?

When your spirit gets tired, we lack motivation, become pessimistic or resentful, and fall into a state of “why bother?” hopelessness. Authentic Change can energize the fire in your belly that has been dampened by the water down truths in your life.

We can help you connect to the inner beauty of your soul you were meant to share. By having a soul purpose your life is congruent and your life is in alignment. Things once seen as duties and chores become a privilege of service. Obstacles and trials become strengthening lessons we give thanks for experiencing.

At Authentic Change we believe that when something is taken away from your life, it reveals to us what was underneath it. It is life giving you an opportunity to carry less so that you can move forward.

Challenge yourself to have a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Let go of what is weighing you down.

Reveal the Authentic You!

We offer one to one coaching sessions in person, via phone or video conference. We also offer Support Group teleclasses throughout the year. Click here to view schedule.
What is a spa treatment for the soul?
A health and beauty spa treatment might include, a relaxing massage, an exfoliating and polishing facial, or hot oil conditioning. A spa treatment for the soul, teaches relaxation techniques, removes the static thoughts that are cluttering your thinking and conditions you for greater awareness. Authentic Change offers Conversations to Clarity to a person's self care regime to enhance the effect of the action. We associate "language" anchors with the applied action.  

Still have some questions? Want to make the most of your self care?

Reveal your Authentic Spirit with
an  Spa Treatment for
the Soul. 

Visit our  Tools Page for     Conversations to Clarity

Spa for the Spirit

Release your fear.

Identify your greatness.

Align your priorities.

Protect your integrity.

Bloom into your potential.