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A person has sight. A wise person has vision...
                  … Are you squinting at life?

     Is your life unorganized? Do you have a cluttered home, car, or personal life? Not enough time or hands to complete
     all that you have committed to? Do you have difficulty with time management or problems communicating with
     people? Do you experience frustration in your day or find yourself thinking negative thoughts or criticizing your
     action or failure to act? Are you presently stuck in a loop of action that is absent of results?
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The more we are understood, the more we feel appreciated thereby increasing our self worth. Everyone has had the experience of explaining a task, directions, or some kind of procedure to someone. We keep explaining until that moment when the person we are engaged with says …“I get it!” This is a “valuable” moment, a moment of “clear” connection to intention. It is possible to increase value and clarity in our lives, business, and performance by wedging wider our awareness perspective.

How many times has someone said to you, I can’t find my keys, my shirt, my homework, etc, etc, etc, only upon your immediate investigation, and even after declarations that “they were stolen, misplaced, or disappeared” you have recovered them in plain sight?

Your discovery of the apparent unseen item was possible because your vision was focused without cluttering thoughts that distracted your action. You had intention with a wider perspective, resulting in connection to purpose.

After interviewing hundreds of people in dozens of countries from a variety of cultures, we have found that there are two universal conditions that link human beings to an internal state of peace where happiness flourishes.

All people want to feel “valuable” and inherently seek “clarity” for a true connection to a purpose.
What is value?
When a person’s property “appreciates” it increases its value. The same could be said of people. The more they appreciate the life experience that brought them to this moment, the more value or self worth will be revealed. No one wants to buy a house that is positioned on the side of a cliff with a weak foundation, full of clutter, unless their intention is to destroy it. A person can be seen like our imaged property, our words and actions, (what we put out on the market), invites destruction or creation.

Are you inviting the beauty of “creation” or the hopelessness of “destruction” in your life?

What is clarity?
Michelangelo, the great Renaissance artist believed within each block of marble was a masterpiece, by simply removing all the stone that did not belong his work of genius was revealed.
A person’s transformation into clarity can be like that of Michelangelo's sculpture.   Within all of us is a masterpiece, sometimes it is shadowed by life's clutter. Through the process of Authentic Change we learn to surrender all that is unnecessary in our lives thereby uncovering our own work of genius.
Are you ready to rescue your genius? 
Authentic Change® can help you move from limiting thoughts into progressive action thinking. We can locate your “keys” to clarity, and connect you to your valuable purpose! We offer tailored designed programs that can optimally develop self transformation. Actualize your passion!

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Our programs target:
• Life Alignment
         o Realizing your dream while organizing your life
         o Creation of an action plan

 • Life Transition Assistance
         o Starting Over
         o Awareness Perspective 

 • Behavior Management
         o Weight loss
         o Abundant Living
         o Fear Management

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