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Services, FAQ, Fees and Schedule  
Conversations to Clarity and Individual Coaching Programs:
This is one to one coaching completed on the telephone or in person. Each program is uniquely created for each individual client. The program is based on the desires and needs of the individual. We create programs that catalyze a positive change or enhance the experiencial process in someone's personal life, the home environment, parenting and relationships and specific programs for the competitive athlete, professional performer or business executive. We also offer:

    Small Group Facilitation
    E-classes and tele-semminars
    Business Evaluation & Executive Coaching
    Keynote Presentation

What is "coaching"? 
Life Coaching / Executive Coaching / Performance Coaching are profoundly different from business consulting, group therapy, or individual counseling. The coaching process addresses specific personal or business projects, home and business environment, and general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on in the present. We help you identify what your obstacles or challenges might be, and assist you in choosing a course of action that brings your life to where you want it to be. In addition to being certified life and success coaches we offer our expertise in language and environmental assessment. We are also Master Practitioners in neuro-lingustic programming which offers intervention in behavioral change, and core belief engineering.

Who uses a stand alone session?
Some people simply need an objective sounding board as they move through change or stand at the threshold of a new experience. A stand alone session can offer the business executive a "language" evaluation before a big presentation, seed motivational "anchors" to get your momentum or a one time assessment conversation of our free test page. Also, while some people desire change, they are at first resistant to commitment and book sessions individually, one at a time without a fixed schedule.  
Who uses the (3) hour time block and how does it work?
The (3) hour time block is divided into multiple sessions, (6) 30 minute sessions, (4) 45 minute sessions, (3) one hour sessions or a combination of sessions that total 180 minutes of conversational coaching. Since all of our individual programs are uniquely designed, we format a schedule that works best for the program created. We implement action based strategy sessions and shorter follow up sessions. We send you a reminder e-mail notification and we call you! There are no long distance fees and that includes our international clients as well. If geography permits, we come to you for in person sessions. Individuals seeking change, or who are in a state of transition from job loss or divorce, people who feel stuck, competive athletes, and professional performers make up our individual client list. References are available upon request.
What is the 5 hour workshop? 
We offer an ambitious (5) hour focused workshop at your location, (travel fees may apply). This can be created for the individual or small group (up to 6 people). Women Empowerment workshops, Same Sport Competive Athletes, Parenting Workshops, Personal / Business Communication, are some examples. Call us and ask us for a quote or information relating to your topic.
What are E-classes and tele-seminars?
Throughout the year Authentic Change offers Tele-seminars with e-mail support. The sessions are facilitated on the telephone with a bridge line, a muti-line telephone connection. We provide you a phone number (based in the US, long distance fees may apply), and a time and agenda sheet. You send questions in advance. Our free teleseminars are information based, while our fee based tele-seminars we limit the participants and allow group interaction and provide e-mail follow up.
What is Business Evaluation or Executive Coaching?
We offer a business environment assessment at your location, (travel fees may apply). We evaluate your business in the areas of physical environment, clarity of communication and awareness perspective. We help uncover how connected your team is. We identify the weaknesses and give you the tools to strengthen your connection to success. Our programs can take you from the evaluation process through the activation period and also offer follow-up maintainence assessments. Each program is individually designed based on your needs.
Executive coaching is also available for the team leader, managing director or company president. Our programs enhance communication skills, unclutter disorganisation patterns and empower you with the confidence to lead effectively with an objective perspective. Contact us for a quote.
What are Keynote Presentations?
We have a menu of keynote topics in the self development, personal empowerment and effective communication topic areas. They can be prepared from 30 minutes to 120 minutes with or without audience participation. All topics are custom designed targeting your specific agenda. An audio sample can be provided upon request.
What Workshops do you offer?
Authentic Change offers day long and week-end workshops throughout the year. Please check our current schedule for locations, pricings, topics and dates. We also custom design retreats for your group or organization. Contact us for a quote.