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A house has an address.
home addresses life.
                  … Have too much of life’s “
                           mail coming your way?

I think it is fair to say that we have all seen the movie, The Wizard of OZ and remember Dorothy’s mantra “There’s no place like home.”

By the movie’s end Dorothy’s amazing journey returned her to her physical starting point but with a new perspective. People, places and things that she once saw as insignificant and limiting were seen as valuable and liberating.
This movie’s message is a metaphor.
We hold the key to our happiness inside of us, if we believe.
Does it take a tornado, a crushed witch, and a magic pair of shoes to enter into to this state of believing? Literally no, it doesn’t. But figuratively yes, indeed it does!
Let’s identify your tornado. What force or uncontrollable wind has spiraled your home out of control?
   • Are mail, magazines and papers unsorted?
   • Cannot find things (documents, phone numbers, clothing) when you need them?
   • Your “to do” list never gets “done”
   • Closets and bedrooms are cluttered
   • Dinners are unplanned, innutritious, or on the go
   • Limited or absent “me” time or “family” time
   • Your car, purse, garage, or basement are full of chaos

Let’s identify your witch. What do you need to crush to eliminate unhelpful patterns that invited this chaos?
   • Don’t know where to start
   • Unsuccessful action plan
   • Failure to follow through
   • Lack of motivation
   • Fear of change
   • Blaming others & lack responsibility

Let’s identify your magic shoes. What do you need to get you where you want to be?
   • Proper priority alignment
   • Organization that connects to success
   • Greater awareness of what you want
   • Sense of appreciation that motivates
   • Enlightened perspective
   • A harmonious home environment
Authentic Change can empower you to restore the love and create balance in your home. Our programs show you how to bring life to your living space that invites possibility, and reveals opportunity. Your home is more than an address it is where you address life!

Our programs include:
Organizing your space
   • Moving from ordinary to extraordinary
   • Creating a sacred space
   • Constructing a meditation garden
   • Bringing yourself on a honeymoon    
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Programs are individually tailored to your specific needs and desires. We offer one to one coaching sessions in person, via phone or video conference. We also offer Support Group teleclasses throughout the year.
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