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You look fat in that dress.
                                            … Having difficulty
                                 communicating with

   DO YOU?
        • Know what to say, but don’t know how to say it?
        • Ever wonder if your message is being received?
        • Have trouble getting to the point?
        • Get nervous speaking in front of people?
        • Want to know how to “read” people?
Authentic Change offers programs in Advanced Communication partnered with international associates to gain a more global perspective.

This (3) week program covers: 1 hour each week

    • Messaging:
            o How a person sends and receives communication

    • Reading between the Lines:
            o Understanding the use metaphors, and symbols in

    • Authenticating our language:
            o How to effectively deliver your message
            o The power of persuasion

We offer one to one coaching sessions in person, via phone or video conference. We also offer Support Group teleclasses throughout the year.

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