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A team is a chorus of a single voice.
  … What kind of song is your
                               Team singing?

     The key elements of effective team building that strategize toward success are:
        • Alignment of talent
        • Authentic communication
        • Awareness of expectation
        • Connection to intention

     Authentic change can bring assessment tools to your business that can identify the strengths of the players on your
     team. We can teach effective, positive communication methods that give team members the confidence to say
     what they mean and reveal their understanding or perspective of the job at hand. We also motivate all members to
     intentionally connect to your target.
We believe a positively charged business environment is a prosperous one. By engaging in authentic communication we gain greater understanding of what is expected of us. When an individual understands and feels they are understood, they feel empowered and appreciated. Appreciation invites value and motivates us to connect to intention.

I once managed a business and had to purchase several hundred chairs for a facility. In addition to asking a design specialist about the order, I called a meeting with the maintenance staff. I asked for input from their perspective. What chairs would they find easiest to clean, stack, and keep in good condition? I listened to their comments, followed their advice and during my tenure at that company, the chairs were cleaned with pride simply because I empowered the people who were charged with their care. Their input was appreciated and they were motivated to keep “their idea” in the best order possible.

We can teach your managers communication techniques that instill a greater sense of value in your company members and as a result leads your business to greater worth. We can give superior awareness to your members that allow a clear channel of connection and a true sense of prideful contribution. 

We provide:
   • On site workshops
   • Support material
   • Group and individual success coaching
   • Phone / videoconferencing workshops
   • Tele-class group workshops
   • Multilingual facilitation

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