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Authentic Change is a specialized transition and thinking company. It is an international collective of trained experts in all areas of change ranging from the multi-dynamic conditions of the individual, the athletic and performance arena to the corporate environment.

Authentic Change ® incorporated in 2006. Its founder and president is Kelly Rippon. Kelly holds a Baccalaureate degree in dance and humanities and a Masters degree in Humanities with a concentration in Philosophy. In 1998 she wrote and produced the video, “Integrating Dance in Modern Worship”. She is a certified graduate of Coach University, Burnham, England, the world’s most respected leader in life and executive coach training programs. She received advanced training in Neuro-lingustic programming at Bennett Stellar University in Ware, England. She is also a practitioner of EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique). She is a certified life and success coach, Master Practitioner in NLP, Reiki Practitioner and a certified hypnotherapist. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, American Board of Hypnotherapy and Society of Neuro-lingustic Programming.

Kelly compiled broad research in the field of perspective assessment in the individual. She traveled extensively across Europe and throughout the United States interviewing hundreds of people in a myriad of cultures. She investigated the seeds of self identity that root the definition of self and the connection to life purpose in the individual.  Her research revealed that there was universal commonality in people as applied to the search for happiness, across a variety of cultures. Whether she interviewed an individual at a university in London, Los Angeles, or Paris, a coffeehouse in Vienna, Amsterdam or the Pacific Northwest, or even in the smallest of fishing villages in Split, Croatia, Genoa, Italy or along the delta of the Mississippi there was a common thread that links a person to happiness.

People instinctively desire a sense of value.
People yearn to connect to a purpose. 
People intuitively seek clarity.

She has written many self development programs that connects her research to a gratitude pathway to happiness. Her Conversations to Clarity program is a multi-sensory approach to success. She facilitates workshops throughout the year and offers one to one, individual coaching sessions that invite and welcome effective change in the individual, competitive athlete, parent and in the business environment.

Authentic Change Associates  
She has established an international network of executive and life coaches who throughout the year offer self development seminars from a global perspective. Associates of Authentic Change are master trained in their perspective fields both in the traditional coaching arena and in NLP development.

International Associates:
Madrid, Spain

Seamus O’ Muircheartaigh
President, Use Your Edge
Madrid, Spain

Use Your Edge Success Coaching was started in 2006 by Séamus Ó Muircheartaigh. Born and educated in Ireland, Séamus has been living and working between Spain and Ireland since 1990. During that time he has spent his business career as a language, business and teacher trainer, developing and training nearly 1,200 teachers, as well as providing general and business language training to learners of a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds. I met Seamus in the UK and was immediately taken with his mastery of language and laser speed assessment of communication. Seamus and I have facilitated tele-seminars together in the past with success and look forward to creating dynamic partnering programs in the future. Seamus has dynamic cross cultural experience and coaches in English as well as Spanish.

Paris, France

Rony Mecattaf
President, Echmoun Management
Paris, France

Rony was born and raised in Lebanon. He studied in the U.S. and France, and has been based in Paris since 1987. Rony holds a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University (New York, USA) and an MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France). He is, since 1991, a Business Development Consultant. His projects have included work for large corporations (Alcatel, Philips, Dassault Electronique, France Telecom) as well as for smaller companies (Internet and Software start-ups, Private Equity funds). He currently sits on the Board of Directors of various privately-held companies, amongst which New York-based Horizon Wimba, a leading software maker in the online education industry. In 2005, he founded Echmoun Management, a Paris-based company dedicated to Coaching and Training executives. His long-term interest in Personal Development techniques, along with his international Consulting experience, contributed to distill an original Coaching approach. His professional obligations and insatiable curiosity have taken him all over the globe. He is fluent in French, English, Arabic and Spanish. I met Rony in the UK and was immediately impressed with his vast business knowledge and deep sense of commitment to family and how he integrated the two into a perfect balance.

These pictures document a cross section of locations and conversations Kelly experienced as she collected her research for the programs she wrote for Authentic Change.

I remember the moment this picture was taken as one of the most peaceful moments of my life. It was taken in the small town of Barry, Wales. The Welsh people shared so much with me about their frustration of seeing their language, culture and way of life change so dramatically over the past several decades. Many of the present generation do not even speak Welsh. The strong and passionate people of Wales taught me about coping.

London, England is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. During my stay in London there was a bombing in the subway system. I had the privilege of talking with variety of people from this great city about fear, and living through fear. Terrorism paralyzed the city that day but the people continued to move on. 

This picture was taken off the Gulf coast of Florida. I spoke to the people in Florida about recovery after the hurricane devastation. Even when disaster is predicted we still seem to experience shock. We spoke about rebuilding and acceptance.

Portofino, Italy, found on the Italian Riviera, famous for its breathtaking seascape and said to be one of the most romantic locations in the world. I had numerous conversations with people representing six continents about communication and relationships.

On the western shore of Croatia peacefully lies the Adriatic coastal city of Split. It was in Split a few hours west from the war torn city of Sarajevo I met some of the sturdiest people on this planet. We had conversations about personal strength and the roots of our personal identification by culture.

St Louis, Missouri, the city where the east meets west. During the past decade St. Louis has suffered much economic depression. People in St. Louis were generous and shared with me their perspectives on hope and opportunity.

Windsor, England, is home of the Queen’s castle. The people of Windsor taught me about tradition and how it details how we define ourselves through our actions.

I was in Nice, France during the labor riots in spring of 2006. Thousands of students across France were protesting the labor laws. At this demonstration water hoses were eventually turned on the protestors after they began lighting fires. I discussed “injustices” with some of the demonstrators and how our “causes” in effect define us.

The gentlemen in this picture allowed me to conduct interviews in their restaurant in downtown Milan, Italy. I was in Milan a week after the Olympic crowds departed in early March of 2006.  The gracious people of Milan, Turin, and Lake Como taught me about ceremony and celebration. Ceremony invites respect and celebration establishes value.

Genoa, Italy home of Christopher Columbus, who proved the world, was not flat. From the small fishing villages to the university students, I learned that my world was indeed filled with dimension in Genoa.

In the extravagant locales of Monaco and Monte-Carlo I talked to the people about diversity.  With millions of tourists flocking each year to these locations, the local people are flexible and quick adaptors. The better we can learn to adapt, the better we are able to cope.

This is a picture I took of the carefully detailed and organized gardens in southern England. I had the opportunity to spend a few days with a woman who worked at the famous wonder, Stonehenge. She taught me the art of stone meditation and free-form stone sculpture. This practice exercises your creativity and balance through change.

This picture was taken in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where bicycles line the streets. I was in northern Europe in the spring of 2003, a few weeks after the US began bombing Iraq. I witnessed many peaceful demonstrations. My conversations in the Netherlands were about peace. Its citizens were multi-lingual; many spoke four or more languages fluently. I found the people of Amsterdam to be some of the most fluent and tolerant communicators I have encountered.

I included this picture of an “Old Irish Pub” because of its location. This quaint eatery is located in central Florence, Italy. It seemed odd to me that I stumbled upon an Irish pub a few hundred meters from the Piazza del Duomo. It seemed out of place. After speaking with tourists and locals that day, I realized that some things that look out of place at first actually fit perfectly once we remove our prejudice.

This picture captures the calmness and tranquility of Lake Geneva. It was taken in Lausanne, Switzerland. It has been said that Lausanne inspires hyperbole. It is a city of spectacular beauty with steep hills, blue lake waters tucked under the white capped Alps. It is an incredibly organized city, motor cars stop for pedestrians without traffic lights. Its people are friendly and treat visitors with value. In Lausanne I learned that order and respect develop extraordinary beauty.

This is a picture from the interior floor of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. Rome was one of the busiest cities that I have ever visited. It was surprising to me that in the central city great landmarks like the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Coliseum stood next to banks and office buildings. In Rome, I learned about history and that by respecting our past it can inspire our future, as a place were people want to visit and leave it cleaner than they found it.

This picture was taken on a walking bridge over the River Seine that connects the Left and the Right Bank in Paris, France. Paris was one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited. I spoke with people at the famous Parisian Flea Markets, and with the local artists that lined the streets. Motivation by excellence is what I took away from Paris. By studying the masters that came before us it can spur us to reveal our own genius.


The mighty Julian Alps, marks the attractive country of central Europe known as Slovenia. This picture was taken in the city of Kranjska Gora. I would best describe Slovenia as sophisticated simplicity.  I learned about “authenticity” in Slovenia.

This is a picture of one of the many rolling hillsides and farms in western France. I had the privilege of being in Normandy during a Liberation Day celebration. Its rocky magnificent coast still echoed the earth changing history of its shoreline. After my return I was surprised at this picture; it looked more like an impressionist painting than a photograph to me. My conversations in Normandy were about pride and gratitude. In Normandy I learned about honor.

This is a picture of the mighty Rhine River. It was taken in the city of Basel. Basel is a city that shares borders with the countries Germany, Switzerland, and France. In less than a minute you can travel to all three counties in this city. I learned about integrity in Basel. That is was possible to extend one’s personal boarders and maintain integrity.

This is a picture of the Papal Swiss Guards that protect the Apostolic Palace, the entrances of Vatican City and are responsible for the safety of the Pope. They have great awareness of the importance of their oath of service. There is so much to see at the Vatican, and therefore so much to protect. I thought on this glorious day as I captured this picture, if we as individuals could only “see” the treasures that we possess we might better protect them. I learned about awareness in Vatican City.

This picture was taken after my arrival in Villach, Austria. Villach is a small village in Eastern Alps, just across the Italian and Slovenian boarders. I traveled by car with a friend that had a mission. She told me that she was not that confident driving a stick shift (manual car) up and down the winding curved roads of the challenging mountainous Alps. She wanted a day to drive before she took her family to Venice the next day. I went with her to Villach, up the steep mountains, down the winding hills. She never faltered, never stalled and gained more confidence with each kilometer. I was so proud of her for challenging herself. We had a powerful conversation that day about risk and its necessity for change.


This is the seacoast of Astoria, Oregon. I was there a few days after the South Asian Tsunami in late December of 2004. The Tsunami's unexpected wrath ended more than 280,000 lives and changed the perspective of millions. I spoke to people who traveled to the beach to place flowers in the great Pacific. We spoke about grief, loss and how to cope with the unexpected.

It was in Venice, Italy that I realized the importance of bridges! Sometimes when our steps toward progress are met with obstacles it is necessary to build a link that connects us to our destination. I sat in the Piazza San Marco, the centerpiece of Venice, and had the pleasure of interviewing dozens of people about how they connected to success and happiness. 



…I was on a water taxi in San Margarita, Italy. Kelly spoke to the people on our thirty minute trip to Portofino about teamwork. Somehow she was able to communicate with enough people and convinced them to accept her teamwork challenge. On I the way back, people of all different cultures and speaking different languages sang the French children’s song “Frere Jacques” in a round. I couldn’t believe it. School children, tourists, and the staff participated. Kelly can get any team to sing the same song. I saw it happen!
…Celeste S., Buenos Aires Argentina

... Brilliant! The use of language is genius! The programs make you think! ...
Freida V., Amsterdam Netherlands

... Kelly listens. She knows when to speak and when to wait for the answers...
Lilly M., London England

... I have read numerous self help books and Kelly's programs are fresh and fun, no guilt. I am able to see my life in a different light and I love it!
...Susan S., Philadelphia PA

... After one conversation with Kelly I knew what I wanted and had a plan how to move toward it! 
...Christine D., Portland OR

... I never realized how much I was living in the future. After talking with Kelly I am more aware and grateful of the present moment. 
... Claire V., London England

... After a conversation with Kelly  you feel bigger, greater, and more capible.
... Ester H., Cardiff Wales

... After my session with Kelly I had greater understanding of my perspective. I was able to have a closer relationship with my daughter. 
... Bryon W. Lester England

...I moved to the UK from Poland two years prior. I have advanced degrees in finance and worked in banking in Poland. I worked as a hostess / waitress in London because I could not speak English when I arrived. I never realized the scope of my achievement until I spoke with Kelly in London. I was so worried about my future I failed to enjoy all of the steps that was getting me there. I was a “time traveler”. I love my life today, now my future unfolds.
…Kat S., London England

...My emotional bags required off site storage! I am down to a backpack! I feel lighter, don’t take things personally. Everyone should weigh in! It was the best diet I was ever on.
...Carla W., New York City, NY

...I restored the love. My house is organized, my life is in order. Peter, who? I now see my divorce as a beginning not the end of my life. 
…Meghan L., Atlanta, Georgia

...I am a “rock” my son is a “paper”, now I communicate with more vision! He understands my point of view.
…Ellen D., Tampa, Florida

...After talking with Kelly, I now realize that bad habits are relationships. I saw that I had the choice to break up with them.
…Sophia J. New York City, NY

...I am using my “gallon” of thoughts more wisely!

…Jim M., St Paul, MN

...Having someone really root for you and encourage you without judgment is the best ticket to success.
….Debbie C., Scranton, PA

...I feel the rain! I love watching the video to remind me of all of the blessings I already have!
….Robert S. Elmira, NY

...The Genius movie is brilliant!
...Riki G. Madrid, Spain

…Kelly’s coaching is powerful, creative and one of a kind!
...Mary Clare G., Toronto Canada
 …I learned how to cope and it truly changed my life. No more bad hair days!
...Cathy A., Stanford CT

…The pathway test has helped our athletes identify areas of their training that they did not even realize was affecting their performance.
...Lilly P., Windsor England

…Kelly, I am not a purple chair! Thank you!
…Nevin P., New Delhi India

…Letting go of what we cannot change. I now see how heavy regret is. I learned to accept and forgive.
…Batista S. Astoria OR